Village Headman takes his own Life

It has been reported by the police in the district that Village Headman Mtsiro, also known by his true name Yohane Mchita and aged 63, took his own life in Dowa.
On the day in question, it is said that Village Headman Mtsiro woke up in the wee hours and went to tend to his tobacco field, while his wife and children proceeded to tend to another garden.
After that, the woman was taken aback when she realized that her husband had not returned home as had been previously promised.

This caused the wife to begin searching for her husband, and at approximately 17:30 hours, several villagers discovered him hanging from a tree in the tobacco field where he worked.
Following the completion of an autopsy, the Mponela Rural Hospital determined that the patient had died as a result of suffocation brought on by strangling.

Macpatson Msadala, the Public Relations Officer for the Mponela Police Station, has stated that the police have not yet determined a motive for the incident.