UK MPs reject move to delay BREXIT departure date

British lawmakers have voted against a proposal by Labour member of parliament (MP) Yvette Cooper to delay Brexit in order to prevent the United Kingdom (UK) from leaving the European Union (EU) without a deal.

According to the BBC, the lawmakers are still voting on changes to Prime Minister Theresa May’s initial Brexit plan before she seeks another round of negotiations with the EU. Cooper’s proposal was shot down by 23 votes.

May has since asked all MP’s to back another amendment seeking to propose substitute provisions to the controversial Irish backstop plan – an insurance policy to prevent checks on goods and people moving through the Northern Ireland border to and from Europe.

However some legislators within May’s ruling Conservative party and from the opposition are against the offer and fear it could leave the UK at the mercy of EU’s rules indefinitely.

Among others, “no-deal” Brexit will mean cutting ties with the EU instantly without a transition period. The EU has made it clear that it will not re-open negotiations with May on her previous deal.

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