Shocking Crime: 24-year-old man sentenced to prison for attempting to sell his own uncle into slavery

In a shocking and heinous crime, a 24-year-old man in Nkhotakota has been convicted and sentenced to serve a year in jail for attempting to sell his own uncle into slavery. Sekerani Brighton, offered to sell his uncle, Lemson Malichi, for a mere MK150,000.00.

Nkhotakota First Grade Magistrate, Felix Phaiya, heard the shocking details of the case and made the decision to send Brighton to prison. State Prosecutor, Sub Inspector Thokozani Juziwell, revealed in court that Brighton approached a man with the outrageous offer, who was understandably stunned and immediately reported the matter to the Mkaika Police Unit.

Brighton, who pleaded guilty to the charge, begged the court for leniency, claiming that he is the sole breadwinner for his family. This sickening crime is a reminder of the evil that still exists in the world and the need for stricter punishment for those who engage in such inhumane acts.