In a country dominated by the youth ‎population it is ideal for youths to be involved in decision ‎making and not just be hand clappers. Empowering the ‎youth in all angles in key to positive social and economic ‎development. Despite their innovative, and fresh minds, ‎the youth are usually sidelined from top decision making ‎positions and are left to be the tail, always following and ‎not leading.

On the 13th of March, an aspiring presidential Candidate, Sally Kumwenda, shared her time on a youth social app group forum as a young leader to guide the youth on how to‎ have visionary eyes and put their innovative ideas into ‎practice despite the unfriendly economic environment they ‎face.

The whatsapp group forum had young entrepreneurs and talented individuals including music artists that were given chance to interview Sally Kumwenda as a fellow young role ‎model to them. In part of the interview, Sally kumwenda ‎explained about her family and educational background ‎which has never been as smooth as one might see from a ‎far eye.

Despite being raised by a single parent and losing
that very parent while at her tender age soon after her secondary school education, Sally‎ Kumwenda never backed down from her educational goals. She went back to school to re write her MSCE exams which paved her way into the corridors of the university of Malawi. To this day Sally holds a BA in Journalism and Media Studies, a Postgraduate Diploma in Medi‎a Management, a Masters Degree in Media studies as well as currently pursuing her PhD in Media Communication.

President of the Leadership with Compassion Party (LCP), Sally Kumwenda, advised the youth to stop being brainwashed as being leaders of tomorrow but rather the leaders of today. ‎She stressed that through unity and supporting one ‎another, the youth have the power to change the society ‎and impact positively.

Young entrepreneurs on the forum took this opportunity to express their concerns to the aspiring president ‎
about how Malawi’s economic status does not ‎favour their business goals due to high interest rates ‎from bank loans, high inflation rate, and hard to earn ‎capital from jobs as unemployment rate high always. In her response ‎
Sally Kumwenda assured the audience that her government has the welfare of all young entrepreneurs at its heart and that a lot of strategies have put in place to empower all young business men with the aim of having then excelling in all their business endeavors.

In her speech she made it clear‎ that change is possible not through making many concerns ‎but having one loud voice which is achieved through unity. “‎In unity and togetherness, there is hope for a better‎ Malawi.” She concluded.

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