Public Appoinments Committee of Parliament rejects Martha Chizuma as Anti-Corruption Bureau Chief

Martha Chizuma has failed her interview by the Public Appointments Committee of Parliament in a move that many thought would be a flawless process for the tough no nonsense Ombudsman.

A member of the committee Peter Dimba has since revealed that Chairperson of the Committee Joyce Chitsulo insisted that Chizuma had failed because her performance during the interview was below par.

Members of the ruling Tonse Alliance have registered their surprise after some members gave her a score of 1 out of 25 when the other nine members gave her 25 out of 25. As Ombudsman, Chizuma has sent a shiver of fear among politicians and their operatives in the civil service who feel threatened if she takes up the position of head of the previously toothless Anti-Corruption Bureau.

In an earlier interview, Ombudsman Martha Chizuma said she wants to use the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) as a tool to make Malawians uncomfortable with corruption.

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