Prophet of Doom Already Killed One Church Member

The relatively unknown Mount Zion General Assembly Church in Limpopo, South Africa has gained notoriety this week due to its unconventional miracle healing techniques used by it’s leader, “Prophet” Lethebo Rabalago.

The Limpopo pastor insists on spraying his congregants with the Tiger Brands Doom insecticide! His methods have shocked a lot of people as well as the Doom Manufacturer after pictures of him spraying Doom went viral on social media.

The same pastor is reported to have been involved in the death of a young woman in the same church earlier in August 2016 after a botched miracle attempt.

Rabalango, “The Prophet of Doom”, is understood to have invited a choir member to lie down while asking church ushers to place a huge speaker on the young lady. The girl passed out and later died at a nearby local hospital from internal injuries sustained during the ordeal.

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