Poultry farmers urged to embrace Quail farming

Quail Farming Encouraged in Malawi

The Poultry Association of Malawi (PAM) has advised farmers in the country to adopt Quail farming as a way of supplementing the keeping of birds. PAM general secretary said the market for quails is currently growing and demand is rising in institutions such as hotels. He pointed out that there is potential benefits for farmers from the quails that could improve their standard of living.

“I ask farmers in the country to diversify in their agricultural operations. I therefore ask those that are engaged in poultry farming to embrace the rearing of quails for meat and eggs. The market for the birds is rapidly growing and they need to tap into it,” said Chuma.

Officials from the association have made visits to other countries where quail rearing has been practiced for some time. “We have been visiting various countries in Africa where quail farming started a long time ago. Through such visits we have learnt that rearing of quails is beneficial. Generally these days, people want to be treated with various types of foods and quails are one of them,” said Chuma.

Benefits of quail farming

Like other poultry farming businesses like chicken farming or duck farming, quail farming can be very profitable. Some benefits of quail farming include:

  • Due to their size, quails do not require a lot of space
  • Quail meat and eggs are a great source of nutrition
  • Quails grow and mature very quickly compared to any other types of poultry
  • Less risk of disease and sickness as quails are very hardy

Breeds of Quail

Layer Quail Breeds

  • Tuxedo
  • Pharaoh
  • British Range
  • English White
  • Manchurian Golden

Broiler Quail Breeds

  • Bobwhite (American)
  • White Breasted (Indian)

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