Police arrest four “revenge murderers”

Police in Mzimba have arrested four people suspected of murdering 66-year old Steven Chisimba.

Mzimba Police Station spokesperson Peter Botha identified the suspects as 60-year old Hastings Ng’oma; Ibebe Zimba, 60; Markbrez Nyirongo, 30; and Samuel Chavula, 45.

The police are looking for another suspect John Ng’oma, in connection with the same murder of Chisimba.

“The suspects mobilized themselves around 6 pm and went to Chisimba’s home where they assaulted him to death to avenge the death of their relative they suspect to have been murdered by Chisimba’s son some time back,” said Botha.

A post-moterm showed death was due to loss of blood from a cut on the victim’s head.

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