Norman Chisale fingers Peter Mutharika in Seized Assets Saga

Former Presidential bodyguard to Peter Mutharika, Norman Chisale has claimed that the vehicles mentioned in the assets seizure order granted by the High Court to the FIA, ACB and other Government authorities investigating Chisale are actually not his assets but were bought by Arthur Peter Mutharika.

In an interview with Times, Chisale said of the 78 vehicles listed, only four actually belonged to him while the others were distributed to traditional and other leaders in the country.

Last week, authorities were granted a Preservation order to seize assets belonging to Chisale suspected to have been acquired under dubious means. The list included 78 vehicles and several residential and commercial real estate properties belonging to Chisale and his relatives.

Chisale is facing multiple charges including attempted murder, as well as charges related to dubious financial dealings and money laundering.

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