Malawi’s power project deadline remains intact

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) says it remains optimistic in its set target of completeing the compact program in Malawi’s power sector by September next year. MCC is implementating a US$ 350 million program in boosting the country’s power sector by paving way for business investment in the sector.

According to MMC Acting CEO Jonathan Nash, the deadline for completion for the compact program remains intact. “The Malawi government has made tremendous success and progress. We have one year left and there is a lot of work to be done,” Nash said.

MCC is supporting the Malawi government in identification and prioritization of investments in the power sector in order to increase the capacity and stability of the national electricity grid. The Government of Malawi intends to utilize the program by investing in new power generation capacity through by among things, completing the construction of the Kapichira II hydro-power-plant, rehabilitation of Nkula hydro-power plant as well as installation of transmission and distribution lines.

The five year MCC-Malawi Compact Programme started in September 2013.

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