Government and UNHCR Collaborate to Facilitate Voluntary Repatriation of Burundi Nationals

In a collaborative effort between the government of Malawi and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), plans are underway to facilitate the voluntary repatriation of 40 Burundi nationals back to their home country. Minister of Homeland Security, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma, made this announcement following a meeting with UNHCR officials in Lilongwe. The discussion centered on various topics, including the human rights of refugees and asylum seekers residing in the camp.

Minister Ng’oma expressed the government’s commitment to continuing the relocation exercise and the deportation of Rwandan nationals suspected of involvement in the Rwandan genocide.

Additionally, it was revealed that UNHCR will provide support to the Malawian government in constructing a new refugee camp at the proposed location in Chitipa.

The decision to repatriate the Burundi nationals voluntarily reflects the ongoing efforts to address the situation of refugees in Malawi. The collaboration between the government and UNHCR demonstrates a commitment to protect the rights and well-being of individuals seeking refuge while also addressing concerns related to the involvement of certain individuals in criminal activities.

The construction of a new refugee camp in Chitipa signifies the government’s dedication to improving the conditions and facilities available for refugees, ensuring their safety and providing them with essential services.

As this joint initiative progresses, it is expected that the voluntary repatriation process will be conducted in a humane and orderly manner, respecting the rights and choices of the individuals involved. The government’s partnership with UNHCR highlights the significance of international cooperation in managing refugee issues and promoting sustainable solutions.