Fredokiss, Lucius Banda and Tay Grin lose parliamentary elections

Musicians Fredokiss, Lucius Banda and Tay Grin have all lost in their bid to become members of Parliament in the 2019 Malawi Tripartite Elections. The only musician who will be in Parliament is Billy Kaunda who won with a convincing vote in his constituency.

Fredokiss stood as as Independent candidate while Lucius Banda lost on a UTM ticket and Tay Grin lost his bid on a DPP ticket. It seems the trio failed to leverage their music popularity into meaningful votes to get them into parliament.

While Lucius Banda gracefully acknowledged his loss, Tay Grin and Fredokiss have not come out to say anything regarding the election results and their political future. With so much invested in the political campaigns, various candidates each time round always seem to find themselves in financial trouble especially if their bids are unsuccessful.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Fredokiss’ Ghetto Gutter Entertainment office in Delamare building was closed due to non-payment of rentals despite the rapper boasting of generating K80 million in the previous year.

Following the election results, fellow rapper Martse took to social media poking fun at the former NBS Brand Ambassador, Fredokiss, as the ongoing feud and rivalry between the two artists continues. Fredokiss had earlier made fun of Martse by questioning his mental status.

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