DRC court upholds Tshisekedi’s victory

The constitutional court in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has upheld the contested December 30 presidential poll result and declared Felix Tshisekedi as the country’s president-elect.

The court dismissed a claim by rival opposition candidate, Martin Fayulu, who came second in the poll, saying his challenge was “inadmissible” as he had failed to prove that the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) had published false results.

Reacting to the ruling, Fayulu said in a statement, “The constitutional court has just confirmed that it serves a dictatorial regime by validating false results, and enabling a constitutional coup d’etat.”

The runner up has reportedly declared himself president in a move that could worsen tensions and undermine prospects of a first peaceful transition of power in the DRC.

Vidiye Tshimanga, Tshisekedi’s spokesperson said: “We are happy that the voice of the Congolese people has been heard and that a true democratic and peaceful handover will occur.”

The African Union (AU) said earlier on Friday there were “serious doubts” on the credibility of the election and urged DRC authorities to postpone the final results, a request the Congolese government declined.

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