That new crew in town! Those new boys in
the hood! That new Gang! Meet Biskuit Musik! A rap duo
formed Morality C and Baxxy. Biskuit Muzik is not another
“Homegrown Africans “or Daredevils but one of their own kind.
Besides entertaining with their music, Biskuit music goes
way beyond giving Biskuit to listeners ears but also initiate
change to the youth’s mindset by making educating and
motivational music. Morality C, aged 23, based in Bangwe
before forming Biskuit music was a member of No sleep
Gang and later met Baxxy, of age 22, where they formed a
duo, Biskuit Muzik after leaving his initial clique, NSG. In an
interview with Morality C, he stressed that he is not in the
music industry to compete but rather express his musical
art. He also added that even though Malawi does not
support art as other countries do, Biskuit Musik will keep
doing music for the love of the game and not for the
monetary interests Recently, Biskuit Muzik has released a
single titled “Kupakula” which can be accessed through the
link below



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