Woman arrested for possessing heroin

Police at Kamuzu International Airport last week arrested Vanessa Mwaipaya for being found in possesion and attempting to export a dangerous drug identified as heroin.

Mwaipaya was scheduled to board an Ethiopia Airlines plane destined for Ethiopia. According to Kamuzu International Airport public relations officer, Sapulain Chitonde, the drugs were detected at the X-Ray machine when officers on duty noticed some strange substances in the form of powder which were concealed in special material to fool the security.

“The officers demanded for the owner to come an open the suspicious baggage. There were three plastic packest which had the illicit drug. The suspect was arrested and she will answer two charges; one of being in possesion of an illicit drug and the other for attempting to export a dangerous drug,” he said.

Vanessa Mwaipaya, aged 30 comes from Chamthomba village, Traditional Authority M’belwa in Mzimba District.

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