Wayne Rooney needs Rehab says Wife Coleen

Celebrated English footballer Wayne Rooney needs to go to rehab for his alcohol abuse says his wife Coleen. The former Manchester United and Everton striker is said to have taken to the bottle again despite an earlier 2016 stint in rehab.

His wife Coleen was reportedly seen going shopping without her wedding ring which many have speculated to be a result of trouble in the Rooney’s home. Wayne Rooney moved to the United States to play for DC United after his lucrative career in England came to an end.

The ex-England star was arrested two months ago for being drunk in public at a US Airport, was spotted with a barmaid in Florida on a night out taking shots until 2:30am before leaving together in the woman’s car.

According to reports emerging from The Sun, Rooney’s wife is not happy with Rooney’s behaviour which she hoped would change with their family’s move to the United States and that is the reason she is demanding her husband reenter rehab for the second time.

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