Toast collaborates with Charisma to spread positivity

As the young urban industry has recently been known for the negative impact they have on the society proven through recent arrests of music artists, Toast and Charisma stand out of the majority of urban music youngsters to give out a positive message.

In their latest release “Afuna Banja”, they communicate to fellow youths to stop the act of men engaging into short term relationships as a way of getting inside the pants of their partner. They further emphasize that youths should focus on long term relationships that should result in marriage and not just for short term youth excitement.

In an interview with Toast, he pointed out that, “The youths of our age no longer value love and relationships but are rather interested in sex alone. This has to stop. Our song artistically addresses this issue.”. Positive music that brings positive impact on the youth of today is indeed a step towards youth development

Download and stream “Afuna banja” through the links below





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