The 21st Century Malawian Sex Drive

In a sexually driven 21st Century digital world full of “PAWGS aka Phat Ass White Girls”, and “Big Booty’s”, it isn’t so hard to explain the recent plethora of amateur porn that is currently being produced in the country as people engage to express themselves in a sexual manner by using webcams and other devices to film themselves having sex with their partners.

Whether its bored housewives, cheating husbands, unfaithful girlfriends or even teenagers, the trend has not escaped many demographics as day in and day out a new sex-tape(s) leaks and it has alarmingly become the new norm. Our country seems to be grossly fascinated with creating amateur reality porn.

Just a few years ago, naked shower scenes nicknamed “Shower Hour” from the popular DSTV Big Brother Africa show caused many to blush and even some to voice their concern regarding the direction our African societies had taken. It didn’t take long before sexual encounters between the housemates became the norm. Natasha from Malawi was famously heard telling her other housemates not to be alarmed in case they heard some strange noises since she was about to user her vibrator to masturbate while her other Big brother housemates slept! To say many were shocked is a gross understatement.

Fast forward a few years (maybe months) and the amateur African “industry invaders” have taken over. From filming public voyeur sex scenes from Mbowe in Lilongwe, Coke bottles as dildos in car backseats, leaked nude pictures of college girls from Blantyre International University, to Malawians in Ireland self servicing on webcams, to the young teenage area 18 couple from Lilongwe doing the best rendition of the Ray J and Kim Kardashian homemade sex tape, as well as the unforgettable Malawi government Minister who got in on the action, the Malawian sex life/psyche has been laid bare for all to see across the internet and social media.

Perhaps, we should take a step back and seriously consider that maybe we are not as conservative as we claim to be. Or could it be that our addiction to herbal aphrodisiacs like “Gondolosi” and “Chiswa Bumbu” is finally manifesting itself?

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