Saulos Chilima remains silent over election results

Malawi’s Vice President and leader of UTM, Saulos Chilima has remained silent over the elections results as other opposition leaders have cried foul citing irregularities and vote rigging in the 2019 Malawi Tripartite elections.

From the unofficial results, it seems Chilima is trailing behind MCP’s Chakwera and DPP’s Mutharika in the presidential race while only three candidates from his party will make it to Parliament.

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) led by Jane Ansah has for the past two days failed to announce any progress in the elections with over 90% of the votes counted raising fears and anxiety that the election results were indeed rigged or tampered with.

“The commission met today to determine the complaints received and also tabulate results received so far. The commission received complaints which the commission is reviewing,” said Ansah.

Chilima who was widely expected to mount a serious challenge on Mutharika’s grip on power has not seen the popularity he carried going into the elections turn into votes especially in the rural areas where his opponents have strong grassroots support.

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