Press Release: Taking and sharing pictures of accident victims

The Nurses and Midwives council of Malawi (NMCM) has learnt with great concern that there are some people including Nurses and Midwives that are taking pictures of the victims at the scene of car accidents and even in hospitals and sharing them via Whatsapp and Facebook withouth the consent of the concerned parties.

The NMCM would like to make a plea to the public more especially to its practicing Nurses and Midwives to refrain from taking part in this malpractice.

This is morally, ethically and professionally wrong, besides, causing more psychological trauma to the relatives of the concerned victims.

To the Nursing and Midwifery fraternity – if found conducting yourself in such malpractises you will summarily be de-registered by NMCM.

May we please treat our victims in a respectful and dignified manner the way were taught.

“Let us protect the public”

Dr. Isabella.W.A Msolomba-Musisi

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