Police Officers Implicated in K740 Million Missing Funds Case Committed to High Court’s Financial Crimes Division

The case involving police officers implicated in the disappearance of K740 million at the Police Headquarters has been committed to the High Court’s Financial Crimes Division, marking a significant step in the pursuit of justice. State Lawyer Dzikondianthu Malunda addressed the press following the committal proceedings, highlighting the decision to transfer the case to the specialized court due to its focus on handling financial crimes.

Malunda emphasized that the State will await further instructions from the High Court regarding the timeline for the proceedings. The commitment to the Financial Crimes Division reflects the gravity of the allegations and the need for a meticulous examination of the evidence.

Among the accused police officers are Commissioner Tadius Samveka, Assistant Commissioner Kingsley Chizuma, Senior Superintendent Hawkins Chadzandiyani, Superintendent Enock Chulu, Superintendent Chimwemwe M’bwera, Sub Inspector Galipa Chilamiramadzi, Superintendent Chiyamirankhope, and others. According to the allegations, they are believed to have established a parallel account, resulting in the disappearance of K740 million from the Police headquarters.

Unfortunately, this is not the first instance of police officers at Area 30 being embroiled in such scandals. In 2013, a court sentenced nine senior police officers to 14 years in prison each for their involvement in a fraud scheme that saw them stealing a total of K55 million.

The commitment of this case to the specialized court reflects the seriousness with which financial crimes are being addressed. The High Court’s Financial Crimes Division is equipped with the necessary expertise and resources to delve into complex financial matters and ensure a fair and thorough investigation.