Police Officer Convicted for Motorcycle theft

Dedza First Grade Magistrate Court has sentenced Constable Richard Nangwiri (A8684) to 30 months imprisonment for motorcycle theft. State prosecutor Superintendent Patrick Chambuluka told the court that Constable Nangwiri stole the motorcycle at a bar within the Dedza Boma.

He stole the motorcycle in January 2016 and in the same month hit a pedal cyclist with with the same stolen motorcylce upon which he was arrested. First Grade Margistrate Symon Mwambo said the officer had shown bad behaviour and breached public trust in him. Before his conviction, Nangwiri was on interdiction as he was answering two other cases of money theft and theft of a bicycle belonging to a fellow police officer.

Nangwiri joined the service in 2002 and comes from Maleta Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kadewere in Chiradzulu.

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