Peeking inside the academic mind of an Entrepreneur, Property Developer and Financial Expert

Artificial intelligence and disruptive innovations continue to drive processes forward – in every field. This could not be more accurate for the Fin-Tech industry. An Ernst & Young report stated that there were almost 5000 start-ups in this sector alone in 2016. Should then financial experts begin to fear for their jobs in this coming era? If there is any truth in this rhetoric, entrepreneur Amit Lakhanpal has laid it to rest. The property developer turned financial expert has embraced one of the most ground-breaking technologies – crypto-currencies – in all its avatars.

Amit M. Lakhanpal, who began his career as real estate developer after graduating in commerce from Mumbai University, accepts growth in machine intelligence for what it is. The 33-year-old Indian businessman and St. Sebastian’s School, Massachusetts alumna believes that such strides in technology will work hand-in-hand with human growth. For an individual who has an extensive academic profile, an MBA from Lincoln University, New Zealand and a master’s in computer science from the University of Cambridge, this stance is justified.

After receiving his doctorate from University of Auckland and diploma in Digital Smart Contract, he founded Money Trade Coin Group. The company is helming the sector of finance & technology with its wallet services and exchange portals in 17 countries world wide allowing crypto currrency holder to sell, buy, hold and trade in both the popular Bitcoin and the homegrown Money Trade Coin.

Dr. Amit Lakhanpal has planned to expand the service to include other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Ethereum.

What is left to see is if the Slum Redevelopment Expert can bring about an equally inspirational change in the world of digital currencies or not?

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