We are appalled and saddened to realize that this serious matter is being looked at by all law enforcement agencies, parliament, courts and citizens with kid gloves.

Recently DPP in a face-saving desperation returned MK145 million corrupted money which was deposited in an account whose drawer is President Peter Mutharika.

High Court of Malawi pathetically and unashamedly unfroze the account and pushed our sister group YAS to the corner. Without the intelligence of YAS to think of appealing president Peter Mutharika could go with it on a good record.

Thanks to the Supreme court of appeal for turning the wrong judgement of the lower court.

Before the issue of MK145 million cool down another expozee has just appeared where President Peter Mutharika and other six ministers are still suspected to be involved in corruption involving MK577 billion.

The files that were hidden at the office of the Attorney General under the former Mr. Kalekeni Kaphale have resurfaced with full names of 13 companies that are involved on the misappropriation of tax payers money as well as loans and grants meant for the poor.

The 13 companies that have been exposed to have swindled Malawians under the watch and involvement of president are as follows:-

Our source GARVEY EXCLUSIVE PUBLICATIONS reveals; Indians by the name of Zuneth Satter, Anil Lalwani under the name Arizona company received MK12 billion in payment that Attorney General approved without following procedures.

It is reported Zuneth Satter is a close friend of Ben Phiri who was then presidential aide of President Peter Mutharika.

The other company Malachitte FZE registered in the United Arab Emirates was also involved in externalizing state funds for the seven ministers that include the president.

Abdul Karim Batatawala who owns three companies in the name of Africa Commercial Agencies, Gratolite General Dealers and Marco Enterprises evaded MK14,398, 062, 221.00 and Minister of finance through MRA failed to collect this huge amount in taxes because of interference from state house.

Maenga has just questioned similar tax evasion in billions by several companies some of which are listed in this exposé but President Peter Mutharika and his government never reacted.

Sahzadh Rashid Sattar, Ahmed Abdul and Zuneth under Ocean Industries are known to benefit from the MK577 billion.

The MK 577 billion was swindled through the following companies from which exploits were shared to the seven ministers, hence the 13 files kept in secret at the offices of Attorney General.

1. Clarkson Resources owned by Jenhonatan Ben Zeev is registered in the British Jersey Islands, this company is named in the Panama papers that is known to swindle African nations without paying taxes.

2. FARGO Ltd owned by Abdul Rashid Jakhura.

3. Einstein Construction owned by Kenneth Knight Khonje.

4. Solar Charge Ltd owned by Ahmed Abdul Rashid and two other Indians.

5. Tradewings Worldwide Ltd registered in the UK owned by Salir Harrah Parikh.

6. Genex Export CC registered in South Africa owned by Graham Hodges.

13 of these companies were over paid with the intention to benefit senior government officials some of whom are President Peter Mutharika who was a minister then under late President Bingu Wa Mutharika.

Currently the present government is reluctant to force these companies to return into state an amount of US$19.6 billion.

It is said ministry of finance is scared to demand for this money because state house is blocking efforts for recovery of the money. Dr. Ronald Mangani from the ministry of finance says he is powerless to demand the return.

The government of president Peter Mutharika is sitting on these files not to be exposed as this will be the end of their presidency if made public.

There is a lot of dirt deals that happened as from 2005 to 2012 under DPP, these dirty deals continued after the younger brother of Bingu Wa Mutharika took over power in 2014 to date.

The exposé reveals that DPP is trying every trick in the book to make sure all these exposés are restricted from being public for fear of mass rebellion by citizens.

In conclusion for the sake of the “rule of law and transparency” Maenga demand that House of Assembly vote to revoke “immunity” on every public servant starting from the president so that President Peter Mutharika can stand trial starting from the MK145 million, MK577 billion, the Treason case wishing to overthrow a legitimate government in 2012.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian




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