Never judge a book by its cover: Toast initiates campaign against drug abuse

Toast left his fans with a surprise look on their faces last weekend after announcing his campaign against drugs. Fans did not expect an individual with 70% of his body covered in ink could actually campaign against such. Despite having a body full of tattoos, Toast has made music that one might judge from title to promote alcohol and drug abuse.

Having a close review of Toast’s songs including Midori, it has been learnt that “Toast”, is truly not the person to give hasty judgement upom. A close ear on his music actually indicates how he educates on real issues in an artistic way. In his song Midori, Toast mentions about the problems Malawians face in the economically unfriendly environments they are in which results in them taking cheap beer as a way of trying to forget their problems. As a leader of the new school, Toast understands his big influence on the young that look up to him as a role model and tries to shape them into the right path.

Recently, young members of the society have engaged into a dangerous habit of drug abuse. Just in the month of April, 2018, there have been two cases of deaths due to drug abuse. It is now a common trend for youths to consume self made drugs called lean, that are a combination of cough syrup (codeine) and other liquid substances more especially sprite.

This habit is thought to be brought about by young people trying to copy what they hear in foreign songs. For the fact that drug abuse is mainly influenced by music, Toast has engaged into a campaign seeks to address the issues surrounding drug abuse and the dangers associated with being a drug addict.

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