National Golf Tournament to Identify Top Players for International Representation

The Golf Union of Malawi has announced that the upcoming national golf tournament, scheduled from June 18th to 25th this year, will play a crucial role in identifying the most talented players to represent Malawi in international competitions. The organization’s president, Gift Gondwe, expressed his enthusiasm during the receipt of a generous sponsorship of K5 million from FDH Bank on Monday. Gondwe also shared that they have organized various activities aimed at attracting more women and young individuals to learn and engage in the sport.

“Our aim is to build a strong golf brand in Malawi, and we believe that these initiatives will greatly contribute to achieving that goal. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to FDH Bank for their unwavering support,” stated Gondwe.

Levi Nkunika, the Head of Marketing and Communication at FDH Bank, emphasized the institution’s commitment to supporting the development of golf in the country. As a homegrown bank, FDH Bank is dedicated to nurturing the sport and enabling its growth within Malawi.

The national golf tournament holds significant importance as it serves as a platform to identify the most skilled players who will have the honor of representing Malawi on the international stage. The support from FDH Bank underscores the valuable collaboration between the private sector and sports organizations in promoting and advancing the game of golf within the country.