Multi-Million Dollar Tampa Bay-based real estate company incorporates entertainment management into their fold

Real estate development is thought to be both a very visible and audible production, for obvious reasons. But for Tampa Bay, the building and construction have been taking place quietly and in the background. Most denizens of the city attribute this to an entity, which has seen new popularity, called 17A Enterprises.

The Tanner Adams headed firm, until recently, was broadly involved with Real Estate Management, and Capital Management – in the form of hedge funds. The real estate developer, present in every corner of Tampa Bay purchases relatively low-priced land and builds them into commercial and residential projects.

With almost 90% of land in Tampa Bay being exhausted, it was only natural progression that the reach of 17A expanded to the neighboring cities of Sarasota and Longboat Key. The company is working on four multi-million dollar contracts in Southern Florida, besides running the expansion of the firm to Nashville, Tennessee. Tanner Adams, the recently announced the President of 17A, is helming the diversification into entertainment sector.

The seed of change was planted in 2017 when the real estate company traversed a Rubicon. The business crossed the $5million mark in managed capital, and they successfully switched to entertainment management with their very first foray. The latest division signed on the country music singer Roman Alexander.

For 2018, 17A rapidly plans to take on and grow the careers of many other entertainers, thereby substantiating the Entertainment Management feather to their already successful cap.

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