Martha Chizuma Hit with Fresh Charges: Anti-corruption Bureau Director’s Controversy Takes a Surprising Turn

In a shocking development, Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) director general, Martha Chizuma, has been hit with new charges related to a controversial leaked audio report. However, the judge who police claim was injured in the clip, Justice Simon Mdeza, has not lodged any complaint with authorities over the incident.

According to sources, Justice Mdeza was interviewed by police officers while they were investigating a previous complaint, but he expressed that he had no desire to press any charges or take any legal action on the leaked clip.

The new lawsuit against Chizuma is in relation to her statement which alleged that High Court of Malawi Judge Simeon Mdeza was corrupt. This comes as a surprise as the State had previously withdrawn charges against Chizuma following a complaint from former Director of Public Prosecutions Steven Kayuni over the same audio. In the wake of the incident, President Lazarus Chakwera fired Kayuni.

As of now, both Judiciary and Police Headquarters are yet to comment on this development. It is understood that the judge has communicated his position to both the Malawi Law Society (MLS) and the Chief Justice after learning with surprise his inclusion to the charge sheet.

This is a developing story that is sure to shake up the legal system in Malawi. Stay tuned for updates as more information becomes available.