Man commits suicide after being denied sex

While many were celebrating the dawn of the new year, a man in Mzimba was in a diferrent mood after being denied sex by his girlfriend who demanded nothing but money before any sex was to occur between the two.

Damiano Banda, 32, from Embangweni, became the first reported case of suicide in 2018 in the most bizarre of fashions when he ingested poison after being denied sex by his girlfriend.

According to Mzimba Police Station spokesperson Peter Botha, “His girlfriend demanded money before sex, but he failed to produce the money that was demanded and he then left for Embangweni Trading Centre where he bought a pesticide. He returned to his girlfriend around 7 pm and took the poison in her presence before leaving the house again.”

Cases of suicide seem to be on the rise in the northern district which registered 16 cases in 2016 and 19 cases in 2017.

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