Man arrested for having sex with his daughter to get rich

Police in Balaka have arrested a man and his wife for the sexual defilement of their 15 year old daughter (name withheld) on recommendation from a witch doctor.

According to information made available to Nyasapost, the couple, Malani (35) and Felayi Zamaleya (40) went to see a witch doctor last year in order for them to get rich quick.

At the time, the two suspects had bought a cow and wanted it to conceive as soon as possible and hence sought the services of a sangoma (jujuman) known only as “Mbolo ya Nsomba”.

Balaka Police Station spokesperson Edith Kachosa said the witch doctor advised the husband to sleep with another woman other than his wife in order for his cow to conceive quickly.

As to why the couple conspired to involve their teenage daughter in their ghastly undertakings is anyones guess.

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