Man arrested for possession of ivory worth $147,000

The National Police Headquarters Wildlife Crimes Investigation Unit has arrested 47 year old Dennis Zingunde for being found in possession of 70 kilograms of raw Ivory valued at US$147,000. National Police deputy public relations officer Thomex Nyaude said the arrest followed a tip-off from the public.

According to the police report, after following up, the police officers found the said ivory at Chinsapo Township. Te hidden Ivory was discovered in a small house and the arrests made. It is believed that about 7 elephants were killed to obtain the illegal ivory. The suspect has been denied bail.

Ivory has been traded for hundreds of years by people in regions such as Greenland, Alaska, and Siberia. The trade, in more recent times, has led to endangerment of species, resulting in restrictions and bans. Ivory was formerly used to make piano keys and other decorative items because of the white color it presents when processed but the piano industry abandoned ivory as a key covering material in the 1970s.

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