Man Arrested for Harassing Ex-Girlfriend and Sharing Explicit Content on Social Media

In a disturbing incident, a 25-year-old man identified as Chris Mbewe has been apprehended in Chikwawa on charges of harassing his ex-girlfriend and disseminating pornographic material while using derogatory language towards a woman on social media.

According to Dickson Matemba, the district police spokesperson, the victim reported to the authorities that she had been in a relationship with the suspect for eleven months. During their relationship, the suspect allegedly demanded that his girlfriend visit his parents’ home. However, when the girl requested transportation assistance from the suspect, he callously instructed her to borrow the necessary funds, which she refused to do.

Enraged by her refusal, the boyfriend resorted to verbally abusing her through explicit language on WhatsApp. He also threatened to share pornographic images of the victim on social media, a threat he ultimately carried out by even sending the explicit material to the girl’s father.

Upon receiving the complaint, the police promptly initiated a manhunt, successfully apprehending the suspect. Chris Mbewe hails from Julius Village in the area of Traditional Authority Katunga in Chikwawa District.

This shocking incident highlights the potential dangers of online harassment and the need for stricter measures to combat such offenses. The arrest of the suspect serves as a reminder that authorities take these matters seriously and will not tolerate the abuse and mistreatment of individuals, particularly through the use of explicit content and derogatory language on social media platforms.