Malawi’s ESCOM boss fired

Malawi’s ESCOM boss, Evelyn Mwapasa has been relieved of her duties as head of the statutory energy corporation with immediate effect. Reports reaching Nyasa Post from different credible media sources say the pressure had been mounting on Evelyn Mwapasa as Malawi experienced its worst electricity black out ever with some areas going for 25 hour blackouts.

ESCOM’s performance in recent history has been poor to say the least but its recent antics and inefficiencies have put a lot of pressure on Mutharika’s government which is facing a tough re-election run up to the May 2019 vote. Leader of opposition, Lazarus Chakwera, has gone to town blasting the Democratic Progressive Party and its leader Arthur Peter Mutharika for failing to manage the country even calling the Malawian President a pathological liar.


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