Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board loses more top Boxers

The going keeps getting tough for the Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board as it struggles to maintian its legitimacy in the Malawian boxing circles as more and more boxers sign up to fight under MABA (Malawi Boxing Association) and its affiliate, Pro Malawi Boxing Board.

According to Daudi Chikwanje who is the MABA Professional boxing Department Chairperson, fighters under their board are eligible to fight under World Boxing Council (WBC), World Boxing Organization (WBO), International Boxing Federation (IBO), or World Boxing Federation (WBF).

The fact that Maba has also been officially recognized by the International Boxing Association (Aiba) means it offers a better proposition for Malawian boxers looking to turn professional and maybe follow the same career path as Isaac “Golden Boy” Chilemba.

Notably, Wilson “Shasha” Masamba, has joined fellow boxers Alick Mwenda (back from his military assignment in the Democratic Republic of Congo), Mussa Ajibu, Chimwemwe Chiotcha, Limbani Lano, Dan Lombola and Jobson Adams under Maba.

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