Malawi Dancehall Reggae Changes shape as Princi Musiq Takes Off

Next time you talk about the Malinga Mafia’s and Purple C’s, do not leave out Princ Musiq. Unique in his delivery skill and strong vocals, Princi Musiq is set to change the direction of Malawian Reggae music. Loyalty and love is what this promising young artist gets in the streets.

Recently , Princiq Music has released songs like “That life”, “Sometimes”, which reflect the reality in our everyday socio-economic environment. In an interview with Princi Musiq, he said that, “With the few resources I have , I always try to make good use so as to bring out the best in me in the end. I believe that with time I shall achieve bigger things. I would also like to thank everyone that supports me and motivate me towards my musical dream. In an industry full of competition, it is really hard to be recognized but the recognition ive been getting over the time I have been in the musical environment is something I do not take for granted.” With that being mentioned, take time and watch Princi Musiq’s latest music video here

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