Kasaila says all districts to have technical colleges

Minister of Labour, Youth and Manpower Development, Francis Kasaila has said every district in the country should have a functional community college by year end. He was speaking Tuesday after inspecting the rehabilitation works of old Nkhata Bay District Hospital which is being turned into a community technical college.

Kasaila said the youth are desperate for skills development hence the need to have a functional community technical college in every district. “Come this year end, we should have community technical colleges in each district so that youths train in skills development,” he said.

Kasaila said most youths in the country migrate to South Africa for jobs without any skills hence they get harassed by their employers. Senior Chief Mkumbira said the number of youths migrating to South Africa would reduce with the coming in of the community technical college.

The rehabilitation of the old hospital into Nkhata Bay Community Technical College is being financed by the Malawi Government and the European Union (EU).

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