Harvey J The Hennessy King

Harvey J aka Chef Henny adorned in expensive Versace bathrobes goes about his daily business using his cognac of choice Hennessy for virtually “Hennything” from cooking, cleaning, and defrosting iced car windows. His Hennessy Chicken video went viral gaining over 9 million views on Facebook alone in less than 12 months since its release in May 2016.

The North Carolina rapper who is signed to STOP THE LABEL has three albums to his credit, “Pancakes & Hennessy!”, “Litarded!” and “Hensational!”.

According to In June, 2016 Uproxx reported that Harvey J received an offer totaling $3,000,000 from Belaire and DJ Khaled’s We The Best management to replace his branding alignment with Belaire Rosé Lux instead of Hennessy.