Fredokiss’ stolen Red laptop has been recovered

Fredokiss’ red laptop which was reported missing has been recovered and the suspect arrested. The laptop was stolen from the rappers car last week. The theft occured when the Ghetto King Kong was visiting his mother in Nkolokosa.

The suspect is said to have used a screwdriver to open the car and proceeded to take the now infamous “Red Laptop” from Fredokiss’ car. After a post on social media by the rapper asking for help to locate the stolen item went viral, thousands of people went looking around the Chitawira, Zingawagwa area in order to help recover the stolen item.

The laptop was then recovered via a sting operation after the suspect had posted the item for sale online via Facebook Group, Let’s Do Business Malawi. He was arrested by Soche Police and will answer to charges related to theft, possession of stolen goods and breaking and entering.

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