Fredokiss’ Music: A Tool for Social Change Film Launch

Music is uniquely wonderful. It is incapable of being touched yet it touches everyone who is capable of hearing sounds. It can seemingly evoke any emotion; we instinctively respond to happy tunes, mournful songs, beautiful melodies, inspiring anthems, stirring hymns, and majestic orchestrations.

Recognizing music’s power to impact the way people think and act, Fredokiss uses his music and persona to inspire and encourage young people to participate positively in their community, their nation, and the world.

The film, “Music:A Tool for Social Change Film Launch” is a biographical documentary of Fredokiss’ journey in music with an inside view from his humble beginnings up to his inspiring rise to stardom as well as some of his social activities that have endeared him to many young people across the nation.

The production and its launch event is one of the fund raising activities undertaken by Ghetto Gutter Entertainment with a part of the proceeds going towards the Ghetto Shoulder Initiative and Fredokiss’ Scholarship fund for needy students.

The launch event will be supported by the German Ambassador, His Excellency Jurgen Borsch who will be the guest of honor at the event as well as NBS Bank plc who have sponsored the event in support of their brand ambassador, Fredokiss.

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