Female Singer “Vida” raises the Malawian Flag in Ireland

Vida Germano

As the urban music industry is in thirst of female musicians, Ireland based music artist Vida keeps raising the bars higher!. Full name, Vida Germano, as a former radio DJ at FM 101, has been exposed to the Malawian music industry for many years and understands the angles to be taken in order to achieve a successful musical journey.

Despite moving to Ireland for studies, Vida has not backed down from making music but has rather used this as an opportunity to make more international connects in doing so allowing an extended audience to have interest on Malawian music.

Vida, as a music artist is ready to give Malawian music a different feel and set trends. In an interview with her she mentioned that Malawi should show support towards her music as she believes that the movement is not for herself only but the whole industry at large.

Just recently, Vida has released a debut music video, “Drink in my cup”, featuring Ireland based hiphop artist, Reuben. The visual to the song Drinks in my cup can be accessed through Vida’s facebook page “Its Vida” and all her social media platform.

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