Eye of the Child consults on child rights laws

Eye of the Child has embarked on a nationwide consultation to seek views on possible amendements and harmonization of child rights laws in Malawi. Executive Director Maxwell Matewere said the consultatioins will be conducted in all the districts in the country and that so far they have reached Lilongwe, Blantyre and Salima.

“It is our hope that if laws are harmonized they will bring more protection to children and properly structure child care and development facilities. Specifically we would want government to review and amend by 2018 the Child Care Protection and Justice Act, Taxation Act, Deceased Estates (Wills, Inheritance and Protection) Act and Penal Code, among others,” said Matewere.

“Malawians have witnessed many milestones. We are very grateful for the support from authorities and many reforms that have taken place but care givers and parents continue to betray children, many parents have become violent abusers of children,” he said.

He called on the general public to support the government reform agenda for the children. Consultations are expected to end in April 2018.

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