Esther Gondwe found dead from suspected drug overdose

Police in Blantyre have confirmed the death of a woman, Esther Gondwe, who is said to have died from a drug overdose at a lodge in Blantyre.

Reports filtering through yesterday claimed that the police had found over 381 used tubes of Pethadine Hydrochloride and five syringes in Esther Gondwe’s bedroom, at her home in Sunnyside, Blantyre.

Cases of drug trafficking and abuse are on the rise in Malawi which has been identified as a hot-spot corridor for hard drugs being sold to Europe, Asia and other parts of Africa.

Esther Gondwe was found dead after a night out with her boyfriend, Lusungu Mwaungulu who discovered her dead body surrounded by medical drugs and syringes.

The police have reminded the public that drug and alcohol abuse is dangerous to human well being and have urged everyone to avoid drug and alcohol abuse.

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