DPP Expresses Concern over President Chakwera’s Statement on Responsibility

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has expressed its dismay and concern over a recent statement made by President Lazarus Chakwera during the opening of a conference on the Separation of Powers. The party has voiced its disagreement with the president’s assertion that he is not responsible for running the country.

In a statement issued today and signed by DPP Spokesperson Shadric Namalomba, the party questions who should be held accountable if the president himself claims not to be responsible. The DPP has consistently maintained its stance that the country is operating on auto-pilot, with nobody taking charge. Namalomba criticizes the Chakwera administration, stating that their apparent lack of concern is resulting in various issues going unresolved.

Furthermore, the statement highlights the DPP’s belief that if President Chakwera truly understood the responsibilities placed upon him by the supreme law of the land, the Constitution, he would acknowledge that the ultimate responsibility rests with him.

During the conference opening on Monday, President Chakwera emphasized that assuming the role of the president is not akin to being an absolute controller of a vehicle. This comment implies that power and responsibility are distributed across different branches and institutions.

The DPP’s concerns underscore the ongoing debate around the division of power and the expectations placed on the presidency. As the nation navigates through various challenges, it is crucial for leaders to clarify their roles and demonstrate a proactive approach in addressing critical issues affecting Malawi and its citizens.