DJ beaten up for playing ‘Sagula Mowa’

A serious fight broke out over the weekend at Chez Ntemba Night Club in Lilongwe when bouncers with the help of a few ladies of the night had to stop four men from hitting a DJ after they were fed up with his selection of music at the popular joint in Area 47.

In what started off as an innocent request by one of the men to the DJ to stop playing “Sagula Mowa” by Gibo Lantosi, the situation quickly escalated when despite the warning, the DJ kept challenging the patron. When the DJ played the song for the 10th time, all hell broke loose, as the man could not bear it anymore and went to the booth with his friends and started slapping the DJ.

It was only via the help of onlookers and bouncers that the DJ managed to escape further physical damage to his face. The men were thrown out of the club and given a two week ban from visiting Chez Ntemba. The Dj resumed the music after taking a 10 minute break to the delight of club goers.