Chiputula Youth Organization Changes Name

Mzuzu City based Chiputula Youth Organisation has changed its name to Save the Generations Organisation (SAGEO). Chairperson for SAGEO, James Mhango said the change of name is an indication that the organisation is growing. “From now onwards we will be called Save the Generations Organisation (SAGEO). This is a sign of growth of our organisation. Our aim is to go beyond Mzuzu City with our activities. We believe that we will achieve our dream,” Mhango said.

He said SAGEO will not only target the youths as was the case when the organisation was trading under the banner of Chiputula Youth Organisation. “With the coming in of SAGEO, we will no longer target only one group but all groups of people. These groups include youths, women, people with albinism, the elderly, people with disabilities and people living with HIV and AIDS. We strongly believe that if these groups will be reached we will make a better Malawi,” said the chairperson.

He said SAGEO will also work in the areas of environmental issues, education, sports and promotion of different kinds of arts like music, drama, poetry as well as dances. Mhango said SAGEO is set to be launched at the end of May 2017.

Chiputula Youth Organisation was formed in June 2003. It’s objective was to fight drug, alcohol and substance abuse among the youths and promoting rehabilitation of young offenders and drug addicts.

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