China to construct 5 community technical colleges

The People’s Republic of China will construct five modern community technical colleges in Malawi. The revelation was made during the signing ceremony of the implementation agreement for the China-aided project of Malawi community technical college in Lilongwe.

According to the Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development, the government of Malawi appreciates the support the Chinese government is providing the country in many sectors of the economy and specifically on the flagship programme of community technical colleges. Statistics show that every year about 150,000 students graduate from secondary schools and less than 10 percent find space into tertiary education institutions.

Chinese Ambassador Shi Ting Wang said manpower development holds the key to the country’s development. “Malawi lacks high standard technical colleges that can boost soci-economic development in the country, the crucial fact is that youth unemployment is much higher than the country’s average level,” he said. Wang stated that the youth are eager for technical trainings but they are in need of professional and technical skills that can contribute more to the future of this country and improve their own self-development.

The five modern community technical colleges will be constructed in Ntcheu, Mulanje, Mzimba, Nsanje and Zomba.

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