CHE KUMBU brings local music back to life!

As morden urban music is taking over airwaves and leading to a downfall of local music, veteran music artist Kumbu defies the movement and resurrects local music with his instant smash hit “PA CHARGER”. The composition of the song is a hybrid of old local music we have always been familiar with only with current colour and flavor. Che Kumbu’s music lures the taste of both adult and youth as he redefines local music and translate it with morden production. In an interview with Che Kumbu, he said that he wants to change the direction of  Malawian music that gives us identity to suit the current taste. He said local music was fading away and became boring as nothing new was being added to change its flavor. He further stated that, local music makes Malawi gain its musical identity and instead of copying foreign music, artists need to embrace the music of their origin and keep improving it until foreign countries begin to have interest in our music.

So far, it seems Che Kumbu’s music is winning the hearts of music lovers and it is surely guaranteed that this musical direction is indeed the suitable path to follow. Malawi music needs identity and Che Kumbu has identified the direction to make Malawian music gain identity thus through improving old local music. In his latest single pa charger, Kumbu indirectly addresses issues of Blackout the nation is currently facing in an arousing, and captivating way.

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