Is Chavura on the run from the police?

Media reports from across the country seem to report that controversial rapper Mwiza Chavura has still not turned himself into the nearest Police Station as per the cops request.

The rapper has faced a lot of criticism on social media from women’s rights campaigners and some of his peers and fans for his song “Ndizakupanga Rape” in which he describes a scenario where a man rapes a woman in his car who had been refusing his sexual advances.

While the initial reaction to critiscm for the track was mostly negative, calls for the rappers arrest by retired judge Tembenu have divided opinion as to whether the song breaks any laws in the country as well as the extent of freedom of expression or artistic license granted to Malawian artists, writers and entertainers.

Despite his initial defiance that his song had not encouraged or caused rape, the rapper later took a remorseful tone apologizing for the hurt his song may have caused.

Currently the Malawi Censorship Board has moved in quickly to ban any public performances of the song. However the song can be downloaded from your nearest Whatsapp group admin as the song has gone viral on social media.

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