Chaponda’s case to be heard in Zomba Magistrate’s Court

High Court judge Dingiswayo Madise has ruled that the corruption case involving DPP Vice President Dr George Chaponda and Tayub of Transglobe will be heard in Zomba at the Zomba Chief Resident Magistrates court following an application by the Anti-Corruption Bureau(ACB) to have the case moved away from Blantyre and to a higher court.

Chaponda and Tayub were named as co-conspirators in the famous Maizegate scandal in which procedures were not rightly followed when the Malawi Government was purchasing maize from Zambia early last year.

Chaponda is also facing money laundering charges after a raid at his home by the ACB led to the discovery of stashes of cash in different currencies contrary to the forex laws of Malawi.

Last week, Chaponda lost two lawyers who had been representing him and it remains to be seen whether his political influence in the ruling DPP will have any impact on his corruption case.

Following the scandal Chaponda was removed as Agriculture Minister mainly due to a big public outcry which criticized President Mutharika’s judgement for insisting to have Chaponda in his position while under investigation.

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