Chakwera says tobacco farmers should face reality of grim tobacco future

President Lazarus Chakwera says Malawi needs to realise the harsh reality that tobacco use is declining across the world.

He urges the Ministry of Agriculture to hold consultations aimed at coming up with ideas about alternative profitable crops that would help propel Malawi’s economy after tobacco.

Chakwera was speaking at the opening of the tobacco marketing season in Malawi.

President Lazarus Chakwera also lamented farmers’ powerlessness on what happens to their produce.

He says, unlike in other businesses where the producer has burganing power, this is not the case with the tobacco industry.

Chakwera has spoken strongly against senseless levies imposed on the tobacco industry, which result in high cost of production.

He urges the Ministry of Agriculture and Tobacco Commission to identify more buyers for tobacco to boost competition among buyers.

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